Signs add an extra level of excitement and focus to an already vibrant environment. Signs can enhance the casino’s brand and differentiate it from it’s competitors. We design and fabricate interior and exterior signs. We work with clients, architects and designers to make the signage design fit with the project’s vision.

We can work with you as designers, design-build, or we can fabricate your designs.


We are designers first and are often asked to provide just design, planning, and wayfinding services. We’ll take our finished design concepts through the bid phase and manage the fabrication and installation process. We have been invited to provide design services for major organizations all over North America.


Most often we are asked to provide design services knowing that we will also fabricate and install the signage. This process works best with highly customized unique signs as the transition from designer to fabricator is minimal. In fact the designer is in the shop guiding the fabrication process.


We often work with the client’s designers, architect, or marketing staff. There are many ways the designer can communicate their design intent including the proverbial “napkin sketch”. We are very good at taking whatever we are given and creating a finished sign that is exactly what is anticipated.


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We are a licensed supplier by the Michigan State Gaming Board. I (248) 930-3723

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