What Do We Do?

Our custom sign fabrication capabilities include using metals, glass, wood, acrylic and stone. We are experienced, wood workers, welders, CNC specialists and artisans.

Our shop includes;

  • 4’ x 8’ CNC router that can cut any shape you can imagine.

  • Direct Color Systems , UV LED laser printer that is ADA compatible. Our printer bed can print anything from high quality photos to braille on acrylic, metal, wood and more.

  • Spray booth where we can match your desired color from the PMS book. We use high quality paints and finishes to keep your product looking new.

  • Graphtec Vinyl Plotter to create permanent vinyl decals that can last for years, we can match virtually any color needed.

Who Do We Work With?

We Work With Designers

We are designers and we started fabricating signs and displays because we couldn’t find anyone that could build the stuff we design the way we wanted. After awhile we found that other designers really liked what we were doing and asked us to build their stuff. This turned out to be one of our favorite things to do.

What can we do for you? We can start by building prototypes of your work for presentations or just to see if your idea can really be built. And if it’s really challenging we can fiddle with it until it works. We thrive on unusual, quirky ideas that are highly customized.

We are also very good at managing large complex architectural signage programs. Healthcare wayfinding, educational signage programs, and museum signage are typical projects in new construction or existing facilities.

We Work Directly With Clients

We can work with your existing signage design program or help you create a single sign or an entirely new wayfinding system standard. If you’re working with your designer, or with your design team, we can help make their design the best possible value with quality materials, finishes and techniques that will stand up to daily abuse.

We work on projects that range from small clinics to new 12 story hospitals. We work on new construction projects or within existing facilities. We can work seamlessly with your project manager, the construction company and the designer.

Our primary focus is to make sure every project is completed on time, on budget, and at the expected level of quality.

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We Work With Contractors

The worst case scenario is when the signage was put off until the last moment and the project costs are running over so there’s no budget left. Actually, that’s the typical scenario. We specialize in making the impossible possible and making it affordable.

We understand your challenges so our focus is to make the sign process easy. We work seamlessly with the owner, the designer and your project manager to bring large complex sign programs to completion on time and on budget.

New construction projects include hospitals, museums, university buildings, schools, zoos, office buildings, and more.

Ask us how we can help you or send your bid package.

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