For thirty years we have created leading environmental graphic design projects across North America. Because we are a design+build firm we are able to give you custom, state of the art signage programs with a seamless start to finish process. Our experienced team works together to evaluate, plan, design, fabricate, and install your custom signage program. Each specialty below has a unique process and goal.



Community Branding, Wayfinding and Signage Design

A community wayfinding system can help visitors find their way and learn about the special amenities found in your town or city. Signs can create a unique branded image that is apparent as soon as a visitor enters the city. Signs need to communicate a strong personality without being too imposing. Clients include District Detroit, Sylvania Ohio, Midtown in Detroit, and the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.

Museum Signage Design

Museum signage is unique as in you want to make sure visitors have clear helpful signage yet can get allow people to get ‘lost’ and explore and find unanticipated experiences. It’s critical that signs are noticeable but do not compete visually with the exhibits. Clients include the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Anton Art Center in Michigan, the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian Museum of War. With years of environmental signage experience, learn how Nicolson Associates, Inc. can help you create your museum signage program. 

Casino Signs & Branded Environments

Casinos are pure excitement and it’s essential that each one immediately promises a special unique experience. We work directly with casinos as brand designers, wayfinding planners and signage designers. We also work directly with casinos architects to make their signage designs a reality. We fabricate and install projects designed by us or by others.

Hospital Signs & Wayfinding Planning

Hospital wayfinding signs are of utmost importance as many visitors are under extreme stress or dealing with disability issues when entering your facility. Not only is hospital wayfinding essential for visitors and employees, but also creates a positive branding statement for your organization. Clients include Indiana University Hospitals Methodist Hospital and Riley Children’s Hospital, Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, Froedert Hospital in Wisconsin, and Saratoga Hospital in New York.

Airport Wayfinding and Signage Design

Airport signage design is a special niche in the wayfinding world that requires special consideration and clarity. Every day thousands of visitors, most of whom are not familiar with your campus, and under stress, will depend on your signage to lead them to their correct destination. Learn how Nicolson Associates can create a straight forward signage system that can direct your visitors to their end point with ease.

Digital Signage and Digital Wayfinding Systems

We create innovative digital signage that engages with your patrons. We provide installation, on-site training, warranties, on-going maintenance and we can set up 24/7 remote access to make larger scale updates and changes. All digital signage is customized with your organization’s architectural vision in mind to create an aesthetically pleasing, and totally natural experience for your patrons.

Recognition Signage

We have an extensive background in employee and donor recognition programs. Every recognition program is highly customized to integrate with your organization’s brand and architectural vision, and designed to be easy and affordable to manage. Please visit our site at DonorSigns.com to learn more about our recognition capabilities.

Educational Wayfinding and Signage Design

The main concern faced by every educational client from small elementary schools to large regional universities is dealing with the first day of school. A large influx of parents, students and new employees must all find their way as efficiently as possible. A concern with larger campuses is maintaining a consistent system with a variety of architectural styles and constant change and evolution. Clients include Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Grosse Pointe Academy, Frances Tuttle Technical School in Oklahoma, Eton Academy in Michigan, Lake Superior State University, and Lansing Community College.

Exhibit Design and Branded Environments

We tell your story in a three dimensional environment using graphics, video, sound, form, artifacts, and anything else that supports your message and enhances your brand. An exhibit can travel or be a permanent installation in your facility lobby or conference room.

Architectural Signage

Architectural signage provides visitors with the information they need to navigate the environment and learn about the function of the space while enhancing your organizations brand image. Wayfinding planning, environmental graphics and experiential design are all elements of architectural signage.

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