City of Sylvania Wayfinding Master Planning

Wayfinding is a process we use to help people know where they are and find their destination. Wayfinding and Signage Design are related but different disciplines. Every Sign Design project requires Wayfinding Planning, sign locations and messages must be coordinated to make movement through a space easy and comprehensible.

A Signage Program is a system of signs that help people find their destination and/or allow you to direct the flow of people through your facility or campus. A sign program will include directional signs, informational signs and identification signs. Ideally the system should have a cohesive appearance so that once a visitor is tuned in to the system they can easily find the signs

Nicolson + Associates, has 30 years of experience in wayfinding signage programs. Our knowledgeable team works to evaluate, plan, design, build and install your signage program. The overall appearance of a system will enhance your brand image whereas a shoddy system in disrepair that doesn't inspire confidence and will just frustrate visitors.


Strategy and Planning

Wayfinding Planning is the process of determining sign locations and sign messages. We will begin with an evaluation of your existing signage. This includes determining destinations, entry points, nomenclature, considering special needs, and analyzing sign locations, landscaping, lighting, etc. Next, our team will begin strategizing and planning, which can include sign location plans, branding, message schedules and/or a design brief describing the content that will be displayed in the final solution. The results of Wayfinding Planning include a report detailing our findings, a message schedule and sign location plans. 

Wayfinding Design

Wayfinding signage must be clear, universal, and culturally sensitive. To accomplish this, we create themes for different departments, and/or color branding to differentiate areas. Signage could include multiple languages, as well as, direct medical symbols to ensure all visitors are able to get from point A to B.

The design process typically starts with design exploration resulting in the presentation of a few design concepts. We then make revisions based on your input and complete the design phase with documentation drawings. These drawings are suitable for bidding.

Design-Bid or Design-Build

We operate as an independent design firm on many projects in which the project goes out to bid and is built by another fabricator. We typically provide construction administrative services for Design-Bid projects. We also provide Design-Build services and fabricate the projects we design. As we begin a project we can work with you to determine the best approach.


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