Donor Recognition Planning, Design & Implementation

We have been working closely with our clients on donor recognition projects for over 20 years. Our experience is valued by our clients as we help them navigate the complexities of planning a recognition system. We help with planning, design, implementation and updating/maintenance.

Design Bid vs Design Build

Design Bid means we contract with you (and charge a fee) to provide a fully fleshed out design and carry it through to final design documents. The project then goes to bid and a qualified fabricator with a reasonable price is chosen to build and install the project.

Design Build means we provide design concepts along with pricing at no cost or obligation. We'll make revisions to the concept(s) and revise the price as needed until we are all settled on an approved concept and budget. At that point we begin fabrication.

Design Bid is sometimes the chosen process with new construction because of contracting policies. It is also the preferred method if we are working through a third party like an architect or interior designer.

Design Build lets you and your colleagues know exactly what the design will be, how much it will cost and how long it will take before any money is spent. This makes it easier to get the project funded and you have a much better understanding of the entire project process from beginning to end. 

Design Build encourages a more intimate relationship between our firm and you and your group. The process is complex and highly detailed and we are there for guidance every step of the way. Working with a single experienced provider from beginning to end is highly beneficial.

See what a Design Build design concept looks like. Click here.

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